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The bulkheads we work on are essentially salvageable bulkheads in need of refurbishment. They are fully shot blasted when first obtained to remove all traces of rust impurities and paint. When returned to us from the shot blasters they are in white metal condition. At this point all defective metal is cut out and removed, this is replaced with new metal. New foot wells are fitted along with replacement door posts and bulkhead brackets if needed. All other areas are repaired using new metal for old or defective.
The bulkhead then goes for a second shot blasting to clean up the metal surface.

Then the bulkhead or any of our other items are sent for hot dip galvanising. The bulkheads (prior to dipping) are pickled in hydrochloric acid to remove any impurities especially hidden cavity rust and paint. They are then dipped in the galvanising solution which is at a temperature of 530 degrees C to a thickness of 85 microns.

The bulkhead or other panels we supply are then ready for years of service. Even in harsher coastal regions where there is salt in the air, the galvanising process helps to ensure the longevity of the bulkhead
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