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Alongside the refurbished galvanised bulkheads, Ashtree International also offers Brand New Galvanised framed British made Doors. We produce doors for Series II/A, Series III and Defender, lightweight and military anti burst vehicles. One piece Series second row lift up handle and Defender lift up handle are both done via special order. Our doors are all brand new and British made. These are hot dipped galvanised to stop corrosion, to increase longevity and increase the value of the vehicle. The high zinc content in the galvanised steel is a closer metal to the ali skin which helps stop bio metal corrosion. The ali skins are marine bonded to the frame and then etch primed. Series and lightweight door tops come glazed, UN glazed. Back doors can have heated or plain glass depending on request. We can also provide a paint service for you if this is something you require.
Your Landrover matters to us because it matters to you
Ashtree Restoration International Ltd, Unit V4, Willment Shipyard, Woolston, Southampton, Hampshire SO19 7HS Tel: 07971815617 or 07968041318 or landline: +44(0)2380 432879.