The whole ethos of the business is to maintain a supply of those hard to source items and specifically to ensure that once supplied they need not be replaced again. Referring especially to the one Achilles heal of the landrover the bulkhead or firewall, these are prone to rotting and are the preferred home of the rust worm. However utilising skills honed over many years somewhat past their best bulkheads are restored to as an original condition and then hot dipped galvanised as are front panels and other steel items found on these legendary vehicles.

Ashtree Restoration International Ltd is owned and run by Lyndon Swann. For a full profile please   click here.
Ashtree Restoration International Ltd
E-Mail:, Tel: +44(0)2380 432879
Mob: 07968 041 318
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Your Landrover matters to us because it matters to you
Ashtree Restoration International Ltd, Unit V4, Willment Shipyard, Woolston, Southampton, Hampshire SO19 7HS Tel: 07971815617 or 07968041318 or landline: +44(0)2380 432879.